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a bit expensive 有点贵
a bottle/glass of 一瓶/杯
a farm worker (=farmer) 农民
a line of mountains 一条山脉 
a moment later 过了片刻
a piece of bread 一块面包
a quarter to/past six 六点差/过一刻
a red-letter day 喜庆日子
a telephone call for sb. 某人的电话
above zero 零度以上
agree with 同意某人
all by oneself 全靠自己......
a bit expensive 有点贵
a bottle/glass of 一瓶/杯
a farm worker (=farmer) 农民
a line of mountains 一条山脉 
a moment later 过了片刻
a piece of bread 一块面包
a quarter to/past six 六点差/过一刻
a red-letter day 喜庆日子
a telephone call for sb. 某人的电话
above zero 零度以上
agree with 同意某人
all by oneself 全靠自己
all day 一整天
all over the world 全世界
all the afternoon 整个下午
all the same 同样地,都一样
all the time 一直
almost the whole day 几乎一整天
answer the telephone 接电话
Are we all here? 我们都到齐了吗
as quickly as you can (你要)尽可能快
as soon as I can/as possible (我)尽可早
as usual 与往常一样
at a bad time of year 在年景不好时
at first 起先
at last 最后
at noon 在中午
at once 立即
at one's workplace 在工地
at school 在学校
at the (third) crossing 在第三个路口
at the back/front of the classroom 在教室的前/后头
at the beginning of 在...伊始
at the cinema 在电影院
at the end of 在...结束时
at the foot of 在...(山)脚下
at the head of the queue(the first of queue) 在队伍的前头
at the moment 在此刻
at the same time 与时同时
at the side of road 在路旁
at this time of year 在一年中的这时候
at times 不时
at work 在上班
Bad Luck! 倒霉
be (a little) weak in ... 在...差/弱
be angry with 对...生气
be badly hurt 受重伤
be covered by /with 由...覆盖
be good at boating 擅长划船
be good or bad for (one's health) 对...有利/害
be in trouble 处在困境,有麻烦
be late for ...迟到
be made of 由...制作
be neck and neck 与...齐头并进
be open/closed at this time of day 一天中的这时候开/关着
be terribly ill 生重病
be the right size 尺寸合适
be used for = used as 被用来做
be widely used 得到广泛运用
be worn out 被穿破, 累坏了
be/feel worried about 对...担心
become/be/feel interested in 对...感兴趣
before the sun rose = before it was light 在日出前
Best wishes (for...)! 谨祝...
Better late than never. 亡羊补牢(犹未迟)
break down (机器/车...)出故障
business hours 营业时间
by the end of 到...结束时
by the way 顺便说说
by then 到那时
call me Jim for short 简称我为Jim
Can I take a message 我可以捎个话吗
Can you describe it? 你能描绘一下吗
Can you spell it? 你能拼写它吗
Can you tell me the way to...? 你能告诉我去....怎么走吗
can't wait to do... 迫不及待去做...
catch a bus 赶公车
catch a cough /headache 患感冒/头痛
catch up with 赶上
change one's mind 改变主意
Chinese take-aways 中餐/国外卖
Christmas Day 圣诞日 
Classes are over at 5 课5点结束
clothing shop 成衣店
come / get back 回来
Come along = come on. 快点
come and meet sb. 来见某人
come down/up the ladder 顺着楼梯下/上
come round the corner 从(街)角拐了过来
come round to dinner 过来(我家)吃饭
come straight to ... 径直...到跟前
come with me = follow me 跟我来
Congratulations! (to sb. on sth.) 祝贺(某人某事)
copy one's example 模仿某人(样子)
cry harder and harder 哭得越来越凶
cut down 砍倒
Did you have a good journey? 你旅途愉快吗
different kinds of 不同种类的
do housework/homework 做家务
do one's best 尽某人所能
do the washing/shopping 洗洗涮涮
do well in ...做得好
Do you know the English for ...? 你知道...英语怎么说?
Do you want a go? 你想试一试吗
Don't crowd around sb. 别围观某人
Don't worry. 别担心
draw some pictures 画些图画
dress up (in a red coat) 打扮好
drop maths 数学没学好(drop)
early in the morning 大清早
ever since 自从
every five minutes 每隔五分钟
every time sb. ... 每 当某人...
eye exercises (c.f. Exercise is good for ...) 眼保健操
fail (in) an exam 考试不及格
fall asleep 入睡
fall behind 落后
fall off 从...掉下
fall over / down. 倒下
family name / full name given name=first name 姓 / 全名 /名
family photo 全家福(照片) far away/furthest from... 远离/离...更远
Father Christmas 圣诞老人
fell a little afraid of / tired 感觉有点害怕 / 累
fight about 为...而战
fill ... with... 用... 装...
find one's way to 找到....的去路
find out 查明
fish and chips 鱼条(店)
follow sb. to see sth. 跟着某人去做...
for example 例如
for long (持续)很长时间
from now on 从今以后
gate keeper 门房
get down (from a tree) 从... (树上)下来
get dressed 穿好衣服
get on very well with 与...相处很好/进展顺利
get on/off a bus./get on with sb. 上/下公共汽车
get out of/into (a car/lift) 上/下小汽车/电梯
get ready for... /lost/warm... 为...作好准备, 迷路,变暖
get sb. some tea 为...备好茶
get sth. back 讨回
give a talk on 作...报告
give one's best wishes to ... 向某人表示最良好的祝福
give sb. a ring/=call 给某人打电话
give sb. the message 给某人口信
give sth. back 归还
Glad to see/meet you(again)! (很)高兴见到你
go on doing sth. 接着做...
go skating/shopping 去滑冰/购物
go to hospital/sleepgo to see a doctor 去看病/入睡
grow rice 种稻米
Hands up / down! 举起/放下手来
Happy New Year! The same to you! 新年快乐! 也祝你新年快乐
Happy Teachers' Day! 教师节快乐
hate travelling = hate travelling 讨厌旅行
have a big smile/a baby 开怀大笑, 生小孩have a drink of orange 喝一些橙汁
have a party/pinic/swim/test/wash 举办晚会/野餐/游泳/测试/洗澡
have an accident 出事故
have beautiful sunshine every day 每天阳光灿烂
have breakfast/lunch/supper/dinner/a meal 吃早餐/午饭/晚饭/一顿饭
have our big family get-together 我们一家子大团圆
Have you ever been to ...? 你去过....?
Have you got a moment? I'd like to... 你有空吗? 我想...
hear from sb. 收到...的信
help oneself to 请吃...
help sb. with the apple-picking /the washing 帮...采摘苹果/洗涮
Help! 救命
Here it is! / Here you are! 给你
Here, (Let's) have a go. (让我们)试一下
He's out at the moment. 此刻他外出. hold a sport meeting 举办运动会
hold on (the line) (for a moment), please 请稍等(别挂电话)
home town 家乡
How can I get there? 我该怎么去哪儿
How do you spell it? 它怎么拼写
How do you usually come to school? 你通常是怎么来学校的
How far is it? 它(离这)有多远
How many floors does the building have? 这座建筑物有几层
How time flies! 时间过得多快
hundreds of 几百个
hurry off 急着赶车
hurry up 快点
I am feeling thirsty 我感到渴
I don't feel very well/terrible. 我身体不舒服
I don't think I will take it(= have it) 我想我不会买
I feel the same 我也有同感
I had a quick breakfast 我很快吃完早饭I hope everything goes well. 我希望一切顺利
I like to keep busy. 我喜欢忙碌
I told him the whole story 我告诉他事情的始末
I'd like you to meet... 我想你认识一下...
if you wish. 如果你愿意
ill in bed/hospital 生病卧床/住院
I'm coming now. 我马上就要来了
I'm so glad 我非常高兴
I'm sorry to hear that. 听到这我很抱歉
I'm sorry to trouble you. 很抱歉打扰你
in a few year's time 过了一年时间
in front of / in the front of 在...前面/部
in line/queue (排成)一列/队
in red hat (戴)着红帽子
in surprise 惊讶地
in the back/front row 在后/前排
in the centre of the town 在市中心
in the day-time 在白天
in the end 最终
in the middle of the day = at noon 在中午
in the open air / the old days 在户外/在过去in the picture 在画上
in the tree (a kite...) 在树上
in time ( for...) 正赶上
in/around/all over the world 在世界上/在全世界
Is everyone here today? 每个人都来了吗
It comes and goes very quickly 它来得急也去得快
It feels strange to have a twin sister. 有个孪生妹妹感觉怪怪的
it is harvest time 这是收获季节
It was a draw (=close game) 这是场拉据战
It was only a joke. 这只是个玩笑
It's ... meters long / wide /deep /high. 它是....米长/宽/深/高
It's a bad line. =I can't hear you clearly. 这(电话)线路不好
It's a fine day for a walk. 这是个散步的好日子
It's a pleasure. 这是我乐意做的事(不用谢)
It's about ... minutes by bike / on foot. 去...
It's about 30 meters along on the left. 它在前头30米靠左的地方
It's better to give than to receive 奉献比索取好
It's getting late. 时候不早了
It's going to be warmer later on 晚些时候天气将会暖和些
It's like new again!(=in perfect condition) 它又象新的了
It's nothing serious. 没什么大不了的事
It's really nice of you! 你真好心(太感谢你了)
It's time to go home 该回家了
It's your turn now. 轮到你了
I've lived here all my life. 我在此住了一辈了
I've never heard of that before! 我从未听到这件事
I've no idea. 我不知道
Jesus of Christ 耶稣基督
jump into 跳入
jump the queue 插队
Just a moment, please./Just then 请稍等/就在那时
Just right.(= just suitable) 正好,正合适
keep healthy / fit 保持身体健康
keep everything clean and tidy 保持一切干净整洁
keep on doing... 坚持做...
keep one's eyes open / closed 保持眼睛睁开/闭着
keep one's eyes safe 保持眼睛安全
kick a goal 踢进一个球
knock at/...into... /down 敲门/撞上/撞倒
laugh at one's mistake 嘲笑某人的错误
League member/match 共青团员
learn by oneself 自学
leave a message 留个口信
leave sb. by himself 让某人独处,不理会某人
leave school (c.f. school-leavers) 毕业
Let me call your names. 让我来点名
Let me have a look? 让我来看看
Let me see. 让我想想
country 住在乡下
look after / for /out 照顾 / 寻找 /小心
look around = round 环顾左右
look at oneself in a mirror 照镜子
look into the river 往河里看
look like 看起来象
look over (=inspect or examine) 仔细查看
look the same 看起来一样的
make a mistake 犯错误
make faces 做鬼脸
make friends with 与...交友
make problems. 制造困难
make sb. stop crying 使...不再哭
make sure that you ... 确信你
make tea 泡茶
make telephone calls 打电话
man-made satellite 人造卫星
map of China 中国地图
May I see your ticket? 请出示你的(车)票好吗
mend one's bike 修自行车
Merry Christmas! 圣诞快乐
more or less /=or so 差不多
move ... away /on 搬走 /继续搬迁
Mr know-all 无所不知先生
National Day 国庆节
neither... nor 既不...也不
Never mind. 不要紧
Nice talking to you = Nice to meet you. 高兴见到你
No hurry! Please take your time! 不急,慢慢来
no longer 不再
No news is good news. 没有新闻就是好消息
No photos / No smoking /Exit /Entrance 禁止拍照/吸烟/外出/进入
No problem! 没问题
not ... until it was too late 直到太迟了才要...
nothing (much/seriously) wrong with ... 没什么大的毛病Oh, dear! 天哪
on (the) earth 究竟
on a Tuesday morning 在一个星期二的早上
on a visit to 在访问...当中
on and on = continuously 连续不断
on Christmas Eve 在圣诞夜
on foot/duty/time 步行/值日/准时
on one's way to 在去...的途中
on show/=on exibition 在展览中
On the first lap 在第一棍(棒)时
on the Mid-Autumn Day 在中秋节
on the playground 在操场上
on the team 在...队中,是...队的成员
on the/one's right/left (hand side) 在左/右边
on top of 在...的顶上
one by one /step by step 一个接一个
One player does not make a team. 一个好的选手不等于一支好的(球队).
one's work starts/finishes at 6 o'clock 工作在6点时开始/结束
open your book at page 2 打开书第二页
operate on sb. 给某人动手术
P.E. (physical education) 体育课
pass sth. on to sb. 把...继续传递给...
pay for sth. 为...付款
people in the boat 在小船中的人
pick ...up 拾起
pick apples 摘苹果
place(s) of interest 名胜
play games/a trick on 玩游戏/捉弄人
play with 玩弄
Please be careful. 请小心
point at / to 指着(向)
police station 警察局
population problem 人口问题
post office 邮局
prefer... to... 喜欢...胜过...
pull...out of (up from)... 把...拉 / 抽出
put on clothes 穿上衣服
put sth. away 把...收好
put sth. in the right place 把...放在该放在地方queue jumper 插队的人
rain heavily 下大雨
right away 立即
right now 就在现在
ring sb. up 打电话给某人
Say the numbers(count) 数数
School ended a little ealier. 放学(比往常)早些.
See you next term. 下学期再见
sell out 售光了
send sb. away 把某人送走
sent up in space 把..送上太空
Shake hands. 握手
Shall I bring food for a picnic? 野餐我要不要带食物
shopping list 采购清单
shout to 对...大声喊道
Sitting room / waiting room 会客厅 / 候...室
so far 到现在为止
So it goes on, hour after hour. 就这样一个个小时地进行着
speak loudly 大声说话
speak to 找某人讲话
stand in line/queue 排成一队
start one's homework 开始做作业
stay in bed 呆在床上
stop ... from (doing sth.) 阻止...做...
summer holidays 暑假
Summer lasts from May to July. 夏天是从五月到七月
sweep the floor 扫地
T(Please come)this way. Don't rush! 请往这边走.别乱跑
take (enough) exercise 做足够的运动
take (good) care of 认真照顾
take a look at it 看一看
take off 脱下
take one's arm 抓住某人的手
take one's temperature 量体温
take sb. to hospital/ a doctor 带某人上医院 / 看病
take the first place 获第一名take the fourth turning (on the right)= turn right at the fourth turning 第四个路口(向右拐)
Take the medicine twice a day. 一天吃这种药二次
take turns to do sth. 轮流做什么
take-away food 外卖食物
talk on and on 谈个不停
tea with sugar 加糖的茶
teach /enjoy / hurt oneself 自学/玩得开心/伤害自己
teach sb. to read and write 教某人读书识字
telephone number 电话号码
Thank goodness! 谢天谢地
Thank you all the same 同样地感谢你
thanks to 多亏, 由于
That would be fine. 这很好
That's a good idea! Why not? Let's... 这是个好主意.为何不去呢.
the 100-metre race 百米赛跑
the apples on the tree 树上的苹果
the city of London 伦敦市 
the day after tomorrow 后天
the day before yesterday 前天
the following week 下一周
the high (long) jump 跳高(远)
the largest number of 大多数的
The more, the better. 多多益善
the next day 第二天
the relay race 接力赛
the starting /finishing line 起跳线/终点线
the sun will come out later 太阳不久就会出来
The temperature will stay above zero 气温将会保持在零度以上
the United Nations (U.N.) 联合国
the way you speak 你说话的方式/样子
There is a knock at the door. 有人敲门
There is no time to do... 没时间/来不及做什么
There was a big smile on her face. 她笑得很开心
think about 考虑
this year alone 单就这一年
throw... on the floor 把...摔倒在地traffic lights 交通灯
Tree Planting Day 植树节
try sth. on / out 试穿 / 试车(运行)
try this medicine 试用这种药
turn (the radio) down / up 把(收音机)音量关小/开大
turn green 变/泛绿
turn off/on 打开/关掉
turn to 转向
use a lift to go up and down 利用电梯上下(楼)
wait for (one's turn) 等待轮到他
wake up 醒来
We would be top of the League 我们是联赛的最佳队伍
wear cool/warm clothes 穿薄/厚的衣服
weather report 天气预报
Welcome back to school 欢迎回到学校
Welcome to our factory! 欢迎来我厂(参观)
Well done!=you are doing fine/well. 做得好
What a pity! 太可惜了
What about sth. to drink?=Would you 
like sth. to drink? 来点喝的怎么样
What are the opposites of the words? 这些词的反义词是什么
What can I do for you? 你想买什么
What color is...? ...是什么颜色
What day is today? / What's the date today? 今天星期几 /今天几号
What did you have for breakfast? 你早餐吃什么
What do you have to do around the house? 你在家中要做什么(家务)
What do you mean by ...? 你这是什么意思
What do you speak? 你说什么语言
What have you done with ...? 你把...怎么处理
What part of England do you come from? 你来自英国的什么地方
What row/class are they in? 她们在哪一排(班)
What size do you want? 你要几号的尺寸
What time did you have a meeting? 你们是什么时候开会的
What's one and ten? 1加10等多少
What's the English for...?What's this in English? ...英语怎么说
What's the population of ...? ...人口有多少
What's the time? 几点了
What's the trouble /matter /wrong? 出了什么事
What's the weather like? 天气如何
When is your birthday?=When were you born? 你的生日是什么 时候
Where are you from? 你是哪里人
Which is your favourite month? 你最喜欢哪个月
Who is on duty today? 今天谁值日
Whose is the sweater?=Whose sweater is this? 这是谁的毛衣
With pleasure. 乐意(去)
with the help of 借助于
Work must come first. 工作为重
work on a farm 在农场工作
worry about 为...担心
write sth. down on the list 把..在单子上写下
You are welcome. 不用谢
You can't miss it 你不可能错过(看不到)
You mustn't look. 你不可以看You'd better not go to bed late. 你最好不要晚睡
Young Pioneers 少先队员
You're never too old to ... 你做...永不为迟